Brokers can expect more owner occupied rate cuts

by AB03 Sep 2015
The average owner occupied home loan rate is more than 50 basis points lower than this time last year, but the wave of rate cuts to owner occupied home loans is expected to continue.

According to mortgage comparison website Mozo, lenders across the country have made more than 50 cuts to interest rates on owner-occupied home loans and there are likely more to come.

“We’ve seen 12 lenders make cuts to loans targeted specifically at owner-occupiers, while 11 increased rates on loans to investors,” Mozo director Kirsty Lamont said.

“We’re also seeing cash back offers as an extra incentive. So far, six lenders are offering cash back deals of $1,000 - $2,000 to refinancers.”

According to figures from Mozo, owner-occupier interest rates have been cut by an average of 0.12% over the last month, with the lowest home loan rate available sitting at 3.94%.

The average owner occupier home loan rate is now 4.69%, which is 0.55% lower than it was this time last year (5.24%).

Meanwhile, investor loans are averaging 4.81%, only 0.43% lower than this time last year.

Mozo’s data shows owner occupiers are better off to the tune of $100 per month on today’s lowest home loan rate, compared to the lowest rate one year ago (4.54%).

“Lenders are wanting to bridge the gap left by the slower growth in investor lending and owner-occupiers will be the big winners,” said Lamont.

“We’re expecting this trend of lower rates and special offers to increase as the spring buying season ramps up through to the end of the year.”