Brokers great at marketing lenders' brands, but not their own, says new campaign

by AB21 Mar 2013

A non-major lender has developed a campaign to help brokers struggling to market their business, claiming many are too busy to spend time on branding.

Pepper Home Loans’ Mario Reyahem tells BrokerTV the group’s ‘Brand Hand’ campaign is the result of two years-worth of research and discussion with brokers.

“We service a wide range of brokers – brokers that settle $300,000 a month to $35-40 million a month - and every broker has a very similar trait: They concentrate on their business so much in the sense of just writing loans…that they tend to forget to market their brand. And this is where we’re coming in. We’re saying ‘you don’t need to be time-consumed. Just tell us what you would like and then let our marketing team take care of it from there’. I’ve been on the road non-stop for the last 24 months and constantly brokers keep on telling me that they just don’t have time to inject back into their business.”

Rehayem says brokers often do a better job of promoting the lender rather than their own brand – and that’s a mistake.

“Some [brokers] are very good at marketing themselves but they don’t know how to market their brand, so that when they see clients they tend to actually market the lender’s brand more than their own, which is an area that we’re concentrating on with this road show. It should be all about the broker’s brand and not the lender.”

However, Rehayem says lenders even struggle sometimes to get a good brand campaign out.

“How do you expect the broker to do that when their forte is writing loans and providing solutions to customers?”

The Brand Hand campaign isn’t necessarily aimed at attracting new brokers to Pepper. Rahayem says it’s the value add.

“What we’re trying to do with the brand hand is actually give back to the brokers that are actually using us.”

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