Comment of the Week goes to…

by 22 Nov 2013
This week's winning comment came after it was revealed yesterday that David Murray would head a major inquiry into Australia's financial system.

Murray has a strong background in the financial sector, and has been awarded a number of prestigious accolades for his services to the industry - but it was his background as chief executive of Commonwealth Bank from 1992-2005 that created a stir amongst brokers.

Reader 'dpathle' shared his perspective on the issue - with an illustrative use of Star Wars references to get his point across.

"​I'm picturing David Murray as Luke Skywalker and the bankers as Darth Vader. 'David ol' buddy ol' pal, it's been a while, come on in and take a seat and listen to what we have to tell you about how our industry should be run'. Be strong David and I hope the force is with you, because ASIC and APRA have not been managing the dark forces very well over the years."             

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