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by 20 Dec 2013
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Tensions between valuers and brokers have run high in the past, but when API NSW president Tyrone Hodge claimed valuers weren't paid enough for their work, a number of brokers backed him up.

This week's comment of the week comes from a reader with the pen name 'Regional Broker'.
"I agree Valuers are underpaid for the job they do, they have seen a situation where they are receiving less for a pro-forma valuation on a house now than they did 10 years ago, I do not know how they can do the job for the fee they receive. Surely this is not the brokers' fault , it is between the lenders and the valuers.

"If The API are concerned about fees and they have a forum with the lenders , they need to look at advising they have to have an increase in a standard home valuation fee or they cannot do the professional job they are being asked for. This is basically the bank looking to be as profitable as possible and just like the cut in commissions to brokers , they have cut the fees paid to valuers.

"The API president needs to also realise the brokers are just as frustrated as the valuers by the current situation."

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  • by GC 20/12/2013 9:06:40 AM

    The Valuers need to shut up and just do their job on a professional basis and stop taking direction from the bank. It about time they valued property at the right value instead of a "fire sale" value.
    There is aboslutely no professionalism with valuers anymore. Unfortunately its about the money only. It doesnt matter what the valuers say - we see this every day knowing that a valuation will ALWAYS come back light because they give a valuation based on their payment value only.