Comment of the Week goes to Gary S

by AB15 Nov 2013

This week’s winning comment comes from ‘Gary S’ and relates to Wednesday’s article on why some brokers are driven to swindle their own clients.

In the piece, which followed the announcement that South Australian broker, Malcolm Royce Jones, pleaded guilty to charges including falsifying documents in order to steal $170,000 from a client, included a controversial interview with CHOICE spokesperson, Tom Godfrey.

The comments that followed made it clear that readers took issue with some of Godfrey’s statements, but we thought Gary S did a nice job of putting the issue into perspective:

 “This is always disappointing news, but how many lawyers, accountants and financial planners, to name just three professions, also fall to greed? We are all human and unfortunately as finance brokers when something like this happens, we end up in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The reality of life is you will never stop fraud. We can though, as humans, adhere to laws we create, our conscience and sense of what is right to ensure we always conduct ourselves in the highest professional manner.”

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