Comment of the Week goes to L3nder

by AB08 Nov 2013

This week’s winning comment comes from ‘L3nder’ and relates to yesterday’s story on ASIC’s warning to real estate agents.

In the article, ASIC set out concerns it had regarding real estate agents offering advice to clients on SMSF property investment, despite not holding an AFS license. L3nder brought up an issue which a number of readers have touched upon in the past – here’s what s/he had to say:

This is getting ridiculous. When is the borrow going to take some responsibility for their actions? It sounds like we Australians are so docile we need the government to protect us from any decisions we make because we might believe a real estate agent really could give us sound tax advice. Maybe we make illegal any discussions about finance or investment altogether by anyone not licensed by ASIC, so uncle Joe does not make a "misleading statement" to his nephew at the family bbq, or mate does not discuss it at the next poker game.

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