Comment of the Week goes to Papery

by AB30 Aug 2013

This week’s winning comment comes from ‘Papery’ and relates to Wednesday’s article discussing whether readers posting comments on broker news sites should be required to provide their full names.

In the story, FBAA president and CEO, Peter White, argued in favour of full disclosure, saying anonymous comments are often unconstructive.

“…We’ve seen the standard of debate dragged down by those who post without real names. Ridiculous comments, abusive posts and comments by those who are uninformed on the details, serve to divert attention away from the important issues,” said White.

Though the overall feedback from readers appeared to disagree , ‘Papery’ responded with the following, rather diplomatic, comment (plus s/he buttered us up a little bit with the first line):

“I read the AB forum almost daily (have done so for a couple of years now) & do participate on occasion. For the most part I find the comments appropriate, interesting, educational & on occasion humorous. Yep, every so often comments do pop up which could be construed as over the top (emotional) & occasionally argumentative...The recent posts concerning valuers/valuations for example.

This forum compliments what we get fed at Lender & Aggregator PD brings viewpoints in from right across the country & the emotion & passion from all sounds [sic] probably can’t be helped. I’m happy to read past the very small % of idiot comments, which are usually poorly phrased anyway.

I have no problem with anonymous comments, or with fully named input.”

Thanks to everyone who contributed comments over the last seven days and keep an eye out next Friday to see if you're the author of Australian Broker's next top 'Comment of the Week'!