Credit repair partnership enables flexibility for brokers

by Julia Corderoy23 Feb 2016
National aggregator eChoice has announced a new strategic partnership with a credit repairer. 

The partnership with Credit Fix Solutions will offer brokers access to an established credit repair program, which eChoice national sales manager Blake Buchanan says will allow brokers to offer a more complete and flexible service to clients.

“Being able to access the platform will boost our brokers’ capacity to offer tailored solutions to their clients.”

“Importantly it will enable them to offer ‘no win, no fee’ credit repair service for their clients, offering the potential to clear incorrect defaults and improve a customer’s credit score, which may lead to obtaining a better interest rate for that client.”

Established in 2013, Credit Fix Solutions is a technology-based credit repair and debt negotiating business.

Credit Fix Solutions CEO, Victoria Coster, says this partnership will allow brokers to “think outside the square”.

“In a dynamic market brokers are looking for that extra option that may not previously have been available to them. This partnership allows us to work with brokers to think outside the square with their level of customer service.”