Diversification: It's time to look beyond financial planning, says Moses

by AB14 Nov 2013

Brokers - and especially residential home loan brokers – need to look beyond writing a home loan this year’s AMA ‘Broker of the Year Finance’ winner, Moshe Moses, tells Broker TV.

“Diversification only works if you firstly have the platform, but secondly if the broker or financial planner, whichever side of the field he sits on, actually looks past the product that they’re looking to provide…If a home loan mortgage broker gets an application, he or she needs to actually see what else the customer is dealing with.”

This means considering whether a client is self-employed, or whether he or she needs a business loan or car finance.

“I think that, when brokers talk about diversification, they always lead straight to financial planning. Yes, that is one area of diversifying, [but]…diversification can also be in the lending area. Most home loan mortgage brokers, if that’s what they want to call themselves, forget that diversification can also be in the midst of commercial property lending, business lending, asset finance, SMSF lending; that is a diversification tool that automatically they should have within themselves – or their aggregators should be supporting them.

To watch the full interview with Moshe Moses, CLICK HERE


  • by tina w 14/11/2013 10:46:16 AM

    When wanting to do a deal where Commercial Real Estate is involved CBA and ANZ tend not to be giving out commercial accreditation, rather their approach is we will meet with you and your client and we'll take it from there, virtually taking over the client and all their other business finance needs.