EXCLUSIVE: MFAA could propose Naylor replacement soon

by Adam Smith12 Aug 2014
On the back of announcing sweeping changes to its board structure, the MFAA has said it hopes to soon put forward a replacement for departing CEO Phil Naylor.

The MFAA yesterday announced proposed constitutional changes that would see its board of directors elected by members. The changes would require four out of five board members to be brokers or broker or mortgage manager representatives. MFAA president Tim Brown has also told Australian Broker the association is making headway in its hunt for a new chief executive.

“We’re out in the market talking to a number of people, and hopefully we’ll have a recommendation for the role come the 25th of September,” he said.

Naylor is set to depart his post as CEO on 24 December following 12 years in the role. He told Australian Broker in June he would most likely seek another association role.

"My background pretty much all my working life has been in associations in one capacity or another, so I would probably gravitate toward that, but I have no strong view on what or where or how,” he said.

As for the proposed changes to the association's board structure, Brown said they reflected an industry growing in maturity.

“We’ve seen it in the FPA and CPA where they’re now run by members. We’re not breaking new ground. It’s the evolution of the industry, and it’s timely. Our members have a lot to say, and we believe if they have a lot to say they should put their hand up and get involved,” he said.


  • by not so old broker 12/08/2014 10:09:55 AM

    Where has it been advertised I wonder? I haven't seen an advert yet!

  • by Broker 12/08/2014 12:41:49 PM

    Apparently there was an add on the staffroom wall at CBA, and rumour has it that KC will be taking the role. What a win for Brokers that’ll be!

  • by Incognito 12/08/2014 4:13:21 PM

    Phil is a founding father of professional broking in Australia.

    I hope he forgives the vitriol he endured in lifting us to diploma level. It was a shameful period.