Far out Friday: Man pays off mum's mortgage to say 'thanks for being awesome'

by Mackenzie McCarty03 May 2013

We know Mother’s Day isn’t until next week (it’s on the 12th; write it down now before you forget!), but this was so sweet we just had to share it with you early.

A few days ago, a young man awed by his mother’s display of unconditional love, saved enough money to offer her a meaningful token of appreciation: A cheque containing the exact amount of money needed to pay off her mortgage.

“At one point in my life, I hadn’t been home for two and a half years,” the man admits. “I hadn’t spoken to anyone or sent any emails. I remember the day I came back…I knocked at the door. She opened it. She said ‘hi’, she smiled and she just asked me what I wanted for dinner.”

In the video, the man’s mother, an Ethiopian immigrant, opens an envelope containing the cheque and appears completely stunned. After repeating the word ‘Wow,’ over and over, the woman declares that she ‘will not sleep tonight for fear of dying of happiness’.

“Ethiopian women,” notes the son, “can be dramatic.”

To watch the full video, Click Here