Far Out Friday: Phone home

by Adam Smith10 Oct 2014
Australians tend to get gouged when it comes to new technology, with gadgets like the new iPhone 6 coming much dearer here than in other countries. But in recession-ravaged Detroit, the new iPhone is worth approximately one house.

An Austrian man who bought a foreclosed home in Detroit is offering to trade it for an iPhone 6. According to a Fox report, Andreas Gindelhuber bought the home on Detroit's east side in 2010 to rent it out, but was unable to find a tenant.

Stuck with a $6,000 property tax bill, Gindelhuber put the house on the market for $5,000. After slashing the price a few times and still failing to generate interest, Gindelhuber offered to trade the home for an iPhone 6.

According to Zillow, news coverage of the bizarre offer led to a cash sale for less than $1,000.