Far out Friday: Rural man markets house as drug-dealer haven

by 22 Nov 2013
A rural South Australian man has taken some heat after advertising his house as a drug-dealer haven.

After listing the dilapidated Parrekai property for six months without receiving a single enquiry, owner Michael Uspensky decided to opt for some more unconventional marketing.

“Amateur chemist or horticulturalist?” reads the advertisement. “Waiting til the heats off? Prefer to be left alone? A steal at only $55,000 and 27kms from the nearest cop shop.”

“Seriously, a bargain buy for someone who wants to really get away from it all.”

Inspired by the TV show Breaking Bad - about a high school chemistry teacher who starts making crystal meth to support his career - Uspensky said the advertisement was designed to be tongue-in-cheek.

"Politically incorrect is always good because if people have a laugh then they'll listen," Uspensky told news.com.au.

But evidently not everyone in the area shares Uspensky’s sense of humour.

"The locals weren't very impressed ... I've only had a few calls that were negative, but I've had quite a few calls saying it's hilarious."

One real estate site removed the advertisement saying it “contained inappropriate content that could have been misconstrued".

"The advertisement breached the terms and conditions of the website and as a result was taken down with the full agreement of the agent and it is no longer on the site," said a spokesperson for realestate.com.au.

Mr Uspensky said he was realistic about his expectations of a sale.

"It's a crap house, it's solid, but it's $60,000. People looking to buy a $60,000 home aren't going to be expecting the Taj Mahal," he said.