Far out Friday: Scariest job interview ever becomes internet sensation

by Mackenzie McCarty,Tammy Buckley13 Sep 2013

Looking for a new recruit and wondering how they’ll cope under pressure? Look no further than the recent interview tactic used by LG Electronics in Chile, who made four job applicants believe they were witnessing a meteor wipe out their entire city just minutes into their interview.

The highly elaborate ruse involved swapping the company’s 82-inch Ultra HD TV with a window and portraying a realistic image of the city landscape outside – only, shortly after the interviewee sits down, a giant meteor plummets out of the left-hand corner of the ‘window’ and slams into buildings. The lights go out, the building shakes, it’s all very dramatic. Take a look by clicking on the image below:

While some commentators have cast doubt on the authenticity of the ad, claiming the whole process was fakes with actors playing the applicants, LG have refused to comment either way. Meanwhile, we’re wondering how much a TV like that costs? No doubt the figure on the price tag is, erm, ‘astronomically’ high.