Far out Friday: Social media sites to avoid if you'd like to be taken seriously

by Mackenzie McCarty28 Jun 2013

With so much emphasis being placed on getting brokers to engage with social networking sites, we thought perhaps it might be time for a clarification: Not every social networking site screams ‘professional’. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Yes. StarTrekDating.com? Not so much. Here are our top picks for social networking sites you should definitely not ‘like’ (or possibly create an alter-ego if you do).


We weren’t joking – this is a real thing. Users are encouraged to ‘Set Phasers to stunning and if that doesn’t work, set them to stun!’. If your ideal woman is a Borg queen, or your ideal man has pointy eyebrows and never smiles, this could be the site for you.


As the name suggests, this networking site is all about helping users ‘invest in breasts’. The site describes itself as ‘providing a fun, safe, and debt free alternative to expensive breast augmentation loans’. Possibly one for our financial planning partners?


Open to all religious categories, Line for Heaven runs a weekly competition for users to digitally ‘bless’ one another in order to earn karma points. Every Sunday, those with enough points are admitted to ‘Heaven’ - otherwise known as somewhere other than this site.


Ravelry has more than three million users – and it’s actually kind of neat, in a nana-ish way. Knitters, crocheters, spinners and weavers submit Pinterest-like project ideas and photos and entrepreneurs can sell their craft products online. Who knew yarn could go digital?


A social networking site…for your dog. Aside from building his/her own profile, your pet can read riveting articles ranging from Does Your Dog Have A Sixth Sense?  to What Do I Do with My Dog During My Home Birth?

…and in case the cat feels left out…

Catbook (on Facebook)

This is actually a sub-site on Facebook, but with 115,000 ‘likes’, we felt it was worth an honourable mention. Headline articles include, ‘Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld claims that he would marry his pet Cat if he could’ and ‘Clever Cat walks Dog on a Leash to owner’s front door’. Sort of like the Woman's Weekly, but for felines.


If a browse through the above sites has given you nightmares, you might want to make a quick stop at Match a Dream to find out what it all means. Or simply step away from the computer, which is probably what the author should be doing at this point…