Far out Friday: Using Feng Shui to build productivity and reduce stress

by Mackenzie McCarty01 Mar 2013

Mortgage brokers are, in general, a stressed-out and over-worked bunch. For this week’s Broker News Far out Friday edition, we’re taking a look at how Feng Shui principles could help you – and your employees – feel calmer, more productive and emotionally prepared to serve your clients.

Feng Shui itself originated in China thousands of years ago and some estimates have it cropping up as early as 4,000 BC. The art form was banned during the 1960’s Cultural Revolution, but has since spread in popularity throughout the Eastern and Western worlds.

While some understandings of Feng Shui can seem a little superstitious, there’s ample evidence to suggest that, at the very least, de-cluttering a work space and incorporating natural light and airflow (two key Feng Shui principles) leads to a more stimulating office environment.

And hey – if it’s good enough for Donald Trump (he reportedly hired a Feng Shui master several years ago after losing Asian clients due to his properties' bad vibes) – it’s good enough for us.

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