FBAA commits to educating press about brokers

by Julia Corderoy14 Jun 2016
The Finance Broker Association of Australia (FBAA) has said it is committed to educating the broader public on the benefits of mortgage brokers, in light of a number of negative media articles in the mainstream press.

The FBAA’s Peter White said a recent opinion piece in the Herald Sun, which claimed brokers are “up to their eyeballs” in “murky backhand commissions and sweetheart deals” from the major banks, showed that the industry “cannot rest on its laurels”. 
He said the association has already reached out to the Herald Sun journalist and will continue to be a positive voice for the industry across all media platforms.
“It is clear that some columnists have an anti-broker agenda, but other journalists simply don’t understand our role and the advantages to the consumer of using the services of a finance broker,” White said.
However, White said it is pointless getting upset at every misinformed article that appears in the media.

“Our work to inform, educate and present the facts is ongoing and overall, it must be noted that the vast majority of public information about the broking sector is positive,” he said.


  • by Bj 14/06/2016 9:52:31 AM

    Excellent. Finally a positive step forward to address the role that the finance professional can play.

    Take the debate away from the issue of commission and the misleading terms used to describe the appropriateness or otherwise and the bar is thus raised. Focus on fact.

    I say this is an excellent result and trust we have no further knee jerk comments from commentators from within the profession, criticising ASIC, Banks and the appalling diatribe used when attempting to articulate your frustration at the same.

  • by Adam West 14/06/2016 10:34:12 AM

    Mortgage Brokers have a HIGHER Net Promotor Score than the big four banks when it comes to Mortgages. In fact, the big four banks all have a negative NPS when it comes to home loans. We need to share more customer advocacy stories from our industry. The aggregators should be getting together and joining forces on this topic!