FBAA encourages brokers to engage better with their local media

by Julia Corderoy07 Sep 2015
The FBAA is urging brokers to look for opportunities to engage their local media and spread the word about the benefits of the broking sector. 
FBAA CEO Peter White says it is up to the industry to sell their message with greater intensity after  recent comments by regulators and other media stories may cause some consumers to misunderstand finance brokers.
“As an industry body we have been working hard across the mainstream media for some time, commenting on major issues and ensuring that finance brokers are promoted,” he said.

In the last six months, the FBAA has provided commentary for ABC news radio, news.com.au, 2DayFM and the Brisbane Times.

However principal of Mercer PR, Lyall Mercer – who provides corporate PR services for the FBAA – says that individual brokers across Australia can also be effective in the media space.
“While many may be intimidated by the thought of appearing on radio or TV, or being quoted in their local newspaper, the reality is that the media is looking for content and brokers are undisputedly experts in loans and mortgages.
“The more people see brokers giving quality advice, the more confidence they will have in using a finance broker.”

Mercer says that brokers could offer their local media expert opinion when interest rates change or when the subject of finance is already in the news.
“If there is a finance-related national story, the local media are often looking for a local comment, and they like to profile a broker on the ground who is dealing with the public.”