FBAA invited to Federal Budget lock-up

by John Maguire29 Apr 2016
For the very first time, a finance broker industry body will be part of the Federal Budget's day-long, invitation-only 'lock-up'.

As a result of high-level meetings and lobbying, the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) has been invited to participate in the Treasury's stakeholder lock-up in the lead-up to the delivery of the Budget on Tuesday, May 3.

Peter White of the FBAA will spend the day alongside other key interest groups, discovering first-hand the government's plans for managing the nation’s economy in the coming year.

In a statement, White said, "It’s good that the government has recognised the key role brokers play in the financial space, and that the industry is an important interest group which must be heard and taken seriously.

"With the FBAA in attendance, the media and other interested stakeholders can hear our perspective on how the Budget could affect the lives of the many Australians using brokers to obtain or manage their mortgages.”

Speaking to Australian Broker, White said, “Were going to get a unique early inside view of the Budget papers in advance of it being made public on Tuesday night."

“Every year I attend the Federal Budget announcement at invitation from the minister or the Senate. So I’ll do my annual pilgrimage this year, but in addition to that, this year in the afternoon I’ll be in the lock-up in the Treasury.”