FBAA's student membership surges

by Julia Corderoy30 Jan 2015
The FBAA’s campaign targeted at students has seen the association’s student membership surge over the past 18 months. Now the association is calling on the industry to get behind its commitment to the future of mortgage and finance broking.

Peter White, chief executive of the FBAA, told Australian Broker that the association has almost achieved their target of reaching 500 new student memberships by the end of 2015. The association is currently processing 382 new student member applications and now expect to reach 1,000 by the end of June.

White says the surge in new student members has come off the back of the FBAA’s partnership with Australia’s largest student association, Student Edge.

“Eighteen months ago, we announced our strategic alliance with Student Edge and now we’ve done two promotional videos through them targeted at students and promoting broking as a career path. 

“The videos go online on the Student Edge website and Student Edge also promotes them to its student membership as a career opportunity. The association reaches over 600,000 high school and university students nationally. It is all about a cool and funky way to get high school kids to think about their careers early on.”

Before Christmas, the FBAA produced a new video with Student Edge, which has aired on television in Perth – where the student association is based. White says if it gets results, he plans to air the promotion nationally.

“The video talks about what a finance broker is, what they do every day, how they actually help people and why a career in finance broking is a good opportunity. It also talks about our scholarship program and how they can enter into that. 

“I don’t feature on the videos, I’m just an old bloke, so we’ve got people close to their ages – in their mid to late 20s – talking about being a finance broker themselves and the value they find being attached to the FBAA.”

Last November, the FBAA announced they will be partnering with education provider, Australis College to offer two scholarships for students interested in pursuing a career in finance or mortgage broking. Applications close at the end of March and will be announced in April. 

Now White is calling upon the industry to back the FBAA’s efforts to promote mortgage and finance broking as a career to students.

“What the industry needs to do is get behind what we are doing because these students coming through these programs are looking for work,” he told Australian Broker.

“Whether you want some junior admin staff or you want your next line of brokers, you need to be proactive and speak to us at the FBAA. The students coming through this are not only the future of the industry, but the future of your business.”