Feud breaks out in API ranks: National president scores off against state representitives

by AB12 Sep 2013

A war of words has broken out at the Australian Property Institute (API), with national president, Tony Gorman, expressing ‘disappointment’ in a set of articles published about the organisation earlier this week.

Both articles contained information provided by API state leaders, something Gorman views as a betrayal.

In the first article, published on Monday, API - who represent around 8,600 property professionals, including valuers and property advisers - is accused of ‘once again’ being riven by a dispute between the national office and its independent state divisions.

“The national office is proposing to take control of all API funding, including the finances of the state divisions.”

A follow-up piece on Tuesday claimed leaders of the NSW division, Tyrone Hodge and Gail Sanders,  have warned Canberra-based executives that membership is ‘very concerned’ about ensuring prudent management.

However, Gorman released an email to API membership today saying that he ‘understands how alarmed and disappointed’ members might be after reading the articles and denounced both Hodge and Sanders.

“What I find most concerning is that the information in the articles is a misrepresentation of the facts to promote an incorrect story and that this information has been provided to the press by our own people. The people involved have no right to be part of this Institute.”

Gorman maintains that the API has ‘sound’ financial backing and that members can be confident that the national board, the CEO and Gorman himself are ‘even more determined to work towards the restructure’ of the organisation.

“This restructure will ensure that the events of the past few days cannot occur again and that your interests are properly protected.”



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