Financial planning company records strong growth, thanks to brokers

by Julia Corderoy19 Nov 2014
Financial planning company, Wealth Today has announced 71% annualised growth in funds under management and 49.9% growth in insurance premiums since partnering with brokers.

The company has been focussing on partnering with mortgage brokers and accountants through its new planning integration model, which provides solutions for incorporating financial planning into mortgage broking and accounting businesses. 

In October, the company announced Choice Home Loans co-founder, Greg Pennells as its new chief executive officer.

The company now has $109 million dollars under management and $6.4m in insurance premiums.

“This is such an exciting time. We’ve cracked the code on what it takes to enable mortgage brokers and accountants to seamlessly provide clients appropriate, tailored financial advice in addition to their original services. Our turnkey solutions make it simple and effective and the numbers illustrate the success of our Members,” Pennells said. 

Pennells says their point of difference is their in-house team of planning and implementation professionals who can do all the research and planning on behalf of its members.

“It means we can ensure the individual appropriateness of the advice given by our Members to each client and brokers can focus on what they’ve always done well,” he said.

“What really excites me is the fact this concept was created by brokers - that’s how we started out. Now, brokers can also provide clients a plan to ensure their financial security. How great is that? Of course, this works for accountants and other related business owners too. There’s so much potential.”