Franchise broker launches aggressive recruitment drive

by Adam Smith10 Sep 2014
A franchise brokerage has announced a major recruitment drive to add 200 more brokers to its network.

Aussie Home Loans has launched a recruitment campaign that the franchise brokerage says aims to add 200 brokers to its network over the next year.

"We are aggressively expanding our team of mobile brokers and are looking for more franchisees for Aussie stores," Aussie executive chairman John Symond said.

Symond argued that the franchise network provided an attractive proposition for brokers.

"We have a competitive remuneration structure for Aussie mortgage brokers and provide them with attractive commissions. On top of that, Aussie offers award-winning development and training and a range of flexible business opportunities designed to reward our business owners and brokers directly for the effort invested. They’re also supported through accredited and free mentoring so they can build better businesses and write more loans,” he said.

The company grew its retail channel by 17% last year to 451 loan writers, while increasing its number of franchise stores by 10 to 160. Aussie mobile brokers saw a 14% increase to 438.



  • by Old Broker 10/09/2014 9:31:25 AM

    nice I hope they make sure they lock in their brokers , Aussie spend so much money training only to lose them to other aggregators. I think their agreement is too soft and should have more handcuffs. Anyway thats mine....

  • by Chris 10/09/2014 11:50:10 AM

    They talk of attractive commissions, but isn't it really low? It's never actually mentioned in any article anywhere.

  • by John 10/09/2014 6:30:32 PM

    How is about 40% of what Aussie earns attractive when other aggregators pay up to 100%...attractive if your John Symonds maybe