Franchise hits milestone in financial planning expansion

by Julia Corderoy12 Dec 2014
Mortgage Choice has reached a milestone in its financial planning arm, employing its 40th financial adviser in just two years.

Tania Milnes, general manager of Mortgage Choice Financial Planning, said the recruitment process has been very strategic, ensuring they are attracting the right financial advisers for the company and the next generation of financial consumers. 

“With research suggesting eight out of 10 Gen Y and Gen X Australians do not have a relationship with a financial adviser, it is fair to suggest the traditional way of delivering advice is not resonating with wealth accumulators and that is exactly what we are trying to change,” she said.

“Our advisers have a unique combination of skills, including education, experience and a desire to form long term relationships with their customers. Further, our advisers must be able to clearly explain the value of advice to wealth accumulators as this demographic has the most to gain from seeking advice early on.”

Diversifying into financial planning two years ago was a no-brainer for Mortgage Choice, who are now on track to meet their target of 60 advisers by June 2015. From a financial planning perspective, Milnes says partnering with brokers allows them to build a relationship with clients from the beginning of their financial journey.

“For many Australians, a mortgage is both one of the most significant financial commitments they will make, and often their first big financial commitment. By operating under the same roof as mortgage brokers, our advisers are able to establish a relationship with home loan customers right at the start of their financial journey.

“Customers do not want to disclose their personal information over and over again to various financial service providers. They want to deal with one trusted financial organisation that can meet all of their financial needs.”