Franchise unveils new online broker business portal

by Julia Corderoy15 Oct 2015
Major mortgage franchise Loan Market has announced its new online business portal for brokers.

Speaking to Australian Broker, Loan Market’s chief operating officer Steve Scahill says the portal, which is set to roll our nationally by the end of the year, was created to give brokers one central hub for all their training and business development needs.

“The needs of our brokers is what drives innovation within our business and the inspiration for One View was no different. We had developed extensive training resources – The Loan Market Way – to provide our brokers with the A-Z of successful mortgage broking. As our material grew we realised the need to provide self-diagnostic tools for our brokers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their business, which in turn would enable them to better target areas of focus for training,” he said.

“We also recognised that on top of training materials, brokers had to be across their own business metrics, lender updates and data, marketing materials and company updates. It became clear that the volume of information shared with our network needed to be housed in an easy-to-find, readily searchable fashion in order for it to benefit the brokers and add value to their business.”

One View hosts a range of features for brokers to help keep on top of their business, including real time business dashboards, benchmarking and the ability to track staff performance. However, Scahill told Australian Broker that One View’s most unique feature and major difference is its social hub.

“One View’s most unique feature is its social hub. As they share the same brand, our brokers love to collaborate and learn from one another. We needed an effective way to facilitate this collaboration. What we have developed is a social platform that is similar in its function to Facebook, but specifically designed for Loan Market’s business purposes. For example our ‘ask a broker’ forum allows brokers from around the country to share their knowledge and expertise with each other.

“The social platform is split into informative and collaborative groups so that brokers can join those groups that are specifically relevant to them and their business. As an example, brokers can subscribe for chairman updates to receive the latest in Loan Market news, lender updates to be across the latest changes from lenders across Australia and state-specific groups to be informed of the latest happenings in their state.” 

Whilst the portal is set to roll out nationally by the end of the year, Scahill says that feedback from its early adopter group of 50 brokers has been positive thus far. 

As Melbourne-based broker, Sam Lucci explains, it’s a tool that not only adds value, but also saves brokers time. 

“It’s great to have a business tool that can save me time and replace the need for creating and constantly updating spreadsheets to track my progress each month. One View is a master hub for all things Loan Market and what’s been created to begin with is really impressive,” he said.