Herpes property comparison lands politician in hot water

by Mackenzie McCarty18 Jan 2013

A high-level state government official has been forced to apologise after comparing the Gold Coast property market to a sexually transmitted disease.

David Eades, deputy director-general at deputy premier Jeff Seeney's office, made the comment at the Urban Development Institute of Australia's Brisbane headquarters last month during a property industry players’ breakfast.

While giving a speech at the event, Eades reportedly asked ‘What's the difference between herpes and the Gold Coast property market? You can fix herpes’.

The comment apparently outraged Gold Coast attendees and mayor Tom Tate says he’s received "multiple" complaints since the 'joke' was made.

Tate says he referred the matter to chief executive Dale Dickson's office, which unsuccessfully attempted to contact Eades and also sent a letter to premier Campbell Newman and deputy premier Seeney.

The Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning told Gold Coast News that director-general David Edwards has investigated Mayor Tate's letter.

"Mr Eades' remarks were not meant to cause offence and he has offered a sincere apology if they did. Mr Eades maintains a strong and positive attitude towards the Gold Coast as he always has. The department considers the matter closed."


  • by confusing diagnosis 18/01/2013 2:16:05 PM

    did i say herpes..i meant to say chick-pox.. meaning theres an inflammation of property availability in specific spots on the landscape. This is causing an itch in real estate circles when trying to sell / unload properties. The situation is serious and all new develoments should be temporarily isolated to prevent a spread of hard to sell outbreaks in the landscape of others not yet infected. Does that clear it up?