Housing market growth in March - but not for everyone

by AB03 May 2013

Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania took the housing market cake in March, according to the latest figures from market research group Residex.

Each market experienced growth in the house and land market as well as the unit market.

New South Wales, however, was the worst country performer for the month, recording negative growth in both the house and land market and the unit market.

For the year ending March 2013, the top performing suburbs in each country property market were:

Country New South Wales

Coolah Houses: 22.96% growth

Country Queensland

Wandoan Houses: 28.65% growth

Country Victoria

Lethbridge Houses: 22.72% growth

Country Western Australia

Tom Price Houses: 26.84% growth

Country South Australia

Laura Houses: 18.44% growth

Country Tasmania

Greens Beach Houses: 10.04% growth