How to develop your marketing strategy

by Mackenzie McCarty24 Jan 2013

Now is an excellent time to develop your business marketing strategy. In this week’s edition of Australia Broker TV, advertising guru Michael Griffiths, of My Small Business Marketing, talks discusses the key things for brokers to keep in mind as they design their next campaign – no matter how small.

Griffiths says there are myriad ways for brokers to market themselves to potential clients.

“Online, you’ve got social media, you’ve got search engine optimisation, you’ve got pay-per-click marketing, you’ve got doing videos…Offline, regional radio actually now is the number one way – that’s $500 for literally 72 30-second spots.”

But Griffiths stresses that, before brokers decide where to invest their time and money, it’s crucial to determine their primary audience and he says this is the place where mistakes are often made.

“Not knowing your target audience is like throwing your money down the drain.”

Newspaper advertisements, for instance, can still be effective – so long as your target audience takes the time to actually read the paper.

However, the most important thing, according to Griffiths, is that you are in fact  getting your name out there, both loudly and persistently.

“Understand that you do need to market yourself and allocate a budget to it…Don’t just market in lulls.”

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