How to grow your business in 2013: We talk to the experts

by Mackenzie McCarty21 Dec 2012

The property market looks to remain subdued in 2013 – but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad year for mortgage brokers.

Australian Broker TV interviewed three industry spokesmen this week, asking for their thoughts on what the months ahead will bring. Advantage’s Brett Halliwell says Australia is actually in a highly favourable economic position, despite a pile of negative media coverage.

He says the 5% unemployment rate is good by most economists’ standards, inflation is “under control,” there’s near-zero government deficit and that the only thing that’s missing is improved consumer confidence.

Resimac’s Allan Savins says brokers are in a unique position, given their ability to cultivate personalised relationships with borrowers.

“The mortgage broker holds the key to the client relationship. They get to go into the borrower’s home, see how they live, see their aspirations as a family. They can strike up a personal relationship…There’s a tremendous opportunity for the broker to introduce an array of other financial services.”

Sam White from Loan Market agrees with this service-focused approach to mortgage broking.

“Get out and see every single client. Even if they don’t qualify for a home loan, you’re getting a customer for the future.”

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