Industry-first tool for comparing loans

by Maya Breen17 Feb 2015
A new loan comparison tool from Choice Home Loans is touted to increase leads for brokers.
Choice Home Loans said it is the first mortgage aggregator to offer its own online loan comparison tool to customers, comparing loan products from its panel of lenders.
Loan seekers can search extensively by type of home loan, redraw features, additional repayments and low-doc applications.
The tool will benefit brokers by generating leads from an online audience but is also a value-add for their existing customers as an alternative to referring clients on to an external website.
Choice Home Loans CEO Stephen Moore said, “Australians spent more than $15 billion online last year, a 12.5% increase on the previous year’s figures, which shows the power of online as a space for consumers to engage with businesses and make purchase decisions.”
“Home loans are no different, and we need to equip brokers with the tools to start conversations with customers who are most comfortable researching and comparing products online.”
In Choice Home Loans’ annual broker survey showed 31 per cent of members said their highest priorities for business growth in the next 12 months would be generating leads from marketing efforts.
“Brokers are telling us that generating consistent, quality leads is one of the key factors that could take their business to the next level in 2015,” said Mr Moore.
“The digital space represents a huge opportunity for brokers to connect with a segment of home buyers who would greatly benefit from the in-depth, tailored advice a broker can offer.”
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