Interest rate rises hit another non-major

by AB29 Mar 2017

ING DIRECT is increasing standard variable interest rates on residential property loans for investor borrowers by 0.25% effective Tuesday 4 April.

The standard variable rate on the Orange Advantage home loan for investors moves to 5.42%

The standard variable rate on the Mortgage Simplifier home loan for investors will be 5.32%


  • by Keith 29/03/2017 3:47:16 PM

    What rubbish.
    Due to the NSW & VIC states who have lost control of their property markets so let's also punish the other states that are not doing so well and make it worse for their economy & markets.
    Why not post code loan rates to only impact upon those overheated markets

  • by Fair Weather 29/03/2017 11:16:49 PM

    If ING are getting close to the 10% investor loan growth limit, why not increase rates and reduce LVR's for new clients?

    Smacking the existing clients, many who they enticed with special offers with a back hander of .25% increase does not go unnoticed.

    It's seems opportunist, and they seem to be failing the fair weather lender test.

    Imagine if we said to ING our trail of 0.15% will be increasing to 0.20% due to investor lending and markets and we need to balance the risks of all stakeholders! Ha - different drum then.