Laziness a key problem around salaries for new brokers: CEO

by AB01 Aug 2013

Laziness is a key problem around the issuing of introductory salaries to new brokers and, while attracting young people to the industry is important, offering a regular paycheque is not the answer, Outsource Financial CEO, Tanya Sale, tells Broker TV.

 “Sometimes it can breed laziness…because they don’t have to do anything; they don’t have to go out and hunt for their own loans. They know that that money’s going to be in their bank account every fortnight. This industry is known to be self-employed and it’s known to be commission. If someone wants a salary…go and work for a bank.”

Sale says that when some of Outsource Financial’s affiliate groups have trialled paying new brokers, the results were not productive – and left employers working harder themselves, as well as being out of pocket.

“A couple of our larger groups decided to go down that path to attract some newbies into the industry and it ended in tears because, when they interviewed the person, they came across really, really well…What happened was, they employed someone, [paid them a] salary, even supported them on a lead-generation side and the individual, they just didn’t have that fire in their belly. They had no desire to go out and really drive and look for new business.”

“So some of our groups went back, saying ‘ok, we’ll give you commission only, but we’ll also assist you in the lead side’. And that’s worked an absolute treat”

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