Lender ramps up broker commission

by AB03 Sep 2013

AMP Bank has launched a ‘Spring Special Offer’ to third party originators in order to say ‘thank you’ for their continuing support.

From now until November 30, the lender will pay an additional 0.20% upfront commission above their standard commission rates for all loan applications, including applications for increases. Loans must be settled by close of business on Friday, January 31, 2014.

This temporary increase replaces the current temporary offer of an additional 0.10% upfront commission.


  • by Old Time Broker 3/09/2013 10:53:05 AM

    Great idea. Love the additional incentive to study their products and provide additional information to my prospective borrows... this should win them some more deals.

    Great work AMP.

  • by Positive Broker 3/09/2013 11:18:55 AM

    Already use AMP and they have good products so this is win win win. Lender, broker and client.

  • by Really 3/09/2013 2:07:24 PM

    And they say commission doesn't cloud impartiality......