Lender to donate $500 per loan towards broker career path scheme

by AB20 Sep 2013

One of Australia’s premier short term business lenders has partnered with the FBAA to assist in the development of a broker career path and apprenticeship scheme.

The organisation says its new partnership with Nationwide Capital provides benefits for everyone - and FBAA CEO, Peter White, has revealed that for every FBAA member loan placed with Nationwide, the company will donate $500 to the career path initiative.

“Given that Nationwide are such a leading player in this niche area of finance, we believe this will be a great boost to the program, which is already underway and progressing,” says White.

“Our career path initiative will bring huge results to the entire industry and our regular and consistent discussions with the new Federal Government when they were in opposition will ensure the apprenticeship program is not affected by the change in Canberra.”

Nationwide Capital CEO, Domenic Morello, says the sponsorship is a natural fit for his company.

“The future of this industry is important and we want to ensure that the finance broking sector remains strong for many years to come,” he says.

White also encouraged brokers to watch Nationwide’s short term loan webcast training video which has been approved by them as one hour of CDP and meets NCCP inclusion for CDP requirements.

Brokers can register and view the video at www.nwcfinance.com.au.


  • by Link 20/09/2013 9:18:10 AM

    Is Finance Broking a trade???- I find it ofencive that you are calling it an apprentership

  • by No Name 20/09/2013 9:47:22 AM

    That comment is very insulting, Assuming you think tradies have low intelligence however undermining yourself with gramatical errors - offensive*. Call it what you will i think this is a great initiative.

  • by wayne 20/09/2013 10:21:01 AM

    Loosen up Link. I find it offensive when people don't take the time to spell check.