Life award for old-timers

by AB06 Mar 2014
Two industry veterans have been given a life membership by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia for his long voluntary service to the organisation.

AFG director Kevin Matthews and law firm Gadens’ Brisbane partner, Craig Green, were given the award at the MFAA Excellence Awards in Sydney last week. They join 13 other industry stalwarts awarded this status.

Matthews, a founding director of AFG and former MFAA director, said he was honoured and humbled to be recognised for his commitment, which made him reflect on his career and how far the industry has come.

“When we began AFG 20 years ago, the aggregation business did not exist. To have realised the ambition of creating a gateway for brokers and their customers to access the broader lending market rather than just the few banks that brokers could sustain relationships with on their own, is immensely satisfying. And negotiating the first ever trail commission payment would have to be one of my most significant career highlights.

“The fact that we are now the largest mortgage broker in the country and have remained unlisted and debt-free speaks volumes to the business plan we started out with – that the key to our growth was to help our members build their businesses.”

Green is one of only two lawyers to get life membership, the other being Jon Denovan of Gadens’ Sydney office.

He was recognised for more than two decades of contribution to the MFAA in various capacities including board director and national vice president.

The lawyer also helped develop and deliver the diploma in mortgage lending at the Securities Institute.



  • by Barney 6/03/2014 10:24:09 AM

    Of course it makes sense that none of them are actually brokers.....
    How many brokers have Life membership?
    MFAA is a joke.