Loan fintech launches recruitment drive

by Miklos Bolza22 Nov 2017
Digital mortgage service uno has embarked on a new recruitment drive to expand the firm’s staff by 50% over the coming six months.

This initiative has been the result of recent insights gained from consumers – learnings which have grown the business rapidly over the past few months, uno founder and chief executive officer Vincent Turner told Australian Broker.

“As a result, we’re ready to take this up a notch,” he said.

uno is now recruiting across three separate roles within the company: consultants, home loan advisors and support.

“A lot of what people are joining uno for is we have a massive focus on the training and mentoring approaches that we offer. It’s a real career progression for people.”

Consultants at uno generally have one or two years of experience. They are the first to speak to a customer, offering support in areas such as documentation and data around the application process.

Once enough information has been collected about a customer, they are then sent onto a home loan advisor who can discuss specifics about structure, getting the deal done, and recommendations around which loans will be most suitable. These employees have nine years of experience on average, Turner said.

The firm is bringing in additional staff from banking, broking and new-to-industry through word of mouth, engaging with consultants, and most recently running seminars.

“What we’re pitching to the people who might want to work with us is what it’s like to be a consultant or an advisor or a support person here.”

The seminars are a fairly new addition to the company’s recruitment efforts and are an effective way to bring in more staff during a heavy growth period, Turner said.

“We find that we can have a more effective dialogue when we can explain the role to 12 people and then run through a bunch of information for them over the course of three or four hours.”

These seminars are part info session and part workshop, involving task-based activities to see whether potential employees are a suitable fit for the company.

uno has already doubled its consultants team over the past seven to eight months. At present, it employs just under 50 staff, half of whom are front-facing to customers.

While the firm does not pay sales commission to its advisors or consultants, Turner said it offered a more team-based setting than a typical brokerage.

“[Our loan staff] work alongside engineers and marketers and designers. It’s a very different kind of environment to brokers who are given the software and training and told to go find their own business.”

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