Major bank offers marketing support for broker loans

by Julia Corderoy25 May 2015
Westpac has today launched direct marketing communication support for broker introduced home or investment loan customers, to help support brokers and their clients.

The new communication will be an electronic direct e-mail (e-DM), which will communicate and highlight the benefits customers will receive with a Westpac Premier Advantage Packaged home or investment loan.

Kerri Webster, Westpac’s state general manager, VIC and TAS says it is about helping brokers stay relevant and top of mind for their clients.

“It’s about our continued support of the industry and I guess in particular, with our brokers using Westpac, it’s supporting them really to stay relevant. It is a changing digital world and being relevant, as [Westpac] has quoted before, really looks like everything but the home loan,” she told Australian Broker

“…The key thing to tell [brokers] would be that this is an industry-first and it is about continuing to build on our strong partnerships and to continue to make not only ourselves relevant, but also their business relevant and to grow their relationships with their customers – and to do that through a ‘one team’ approach where we are working together to create relevance.”

If the customer has nominated to receive marketing support from Westpac in their loan application, the e-DM will be sent out following the conditional approval of their home or investment loan application, and will include the broker’s name and contact details to direct the customer back to the broker for any further queries.

According to Webster, this is another way to show brokers what Westpac is doing to avoid channel conflict and create partnerships.

“This is absolutely about partnership and I think we’ve led on that very strongly all the way through. We do use our branches to support the broker in their ability to service their customer as well and that is always done without conflict,” she told Australian Broker

“We believe that as a team, the partnership is far more powerful and obviously we have a huge branch network, but never at the cost of a relationship with a broker. 

“The customer is the owner of the customer and if they are introduced to us through a broker, we want a partnership so that the whole experience is the best one possible. We never forget where the introduction has come from.”