Major bank's new broker tools designed to 'give certainty to customers'

by Adam Smith24 Nov 2014
A new online broker toolkit launched today by a major bank will help add credibility to brokers in the eyes of their customers, it has been claimed.

ANZ has today launched its new online Toolkit for brokers. While previous broker tools offered by the bank have required brokers to download software to their desktop, the new platform will be web-based, and was developed in conjunction with Rubik, the software group which acquired Stargate in June of this year. ANZ head of third party Keiran Evans told Australian Broker the primary value of the platform was its ability to intuitively model a variety of client scenarios.

"The greatest improvement is that it's far more intuitive. Brokers are largely scenario driven. The Toolkit has a lot of calculators, including repayment calculators, loan mortgage insurance calculators, stamp duty calculators. They all give up-to-date data and information, but the one we think is going to have the greatest impact is the statement of position and income assessment calculator. It gives brokers the ability to model different outcomes," he said.

Evans said the Toolkit would allow brokers to include or exclude groups of income "with the click of a button" to model different scenarios for clients. Evans said the platform was built following numerous discussions with brokers.

"This Toolkit is built off the feedback from brokers, and it's what brokers have been asking for. It adds credibility to brokers, and the way it does that is it gives certainty to customers as to outcomes," he said. "Everything we do is driven to deliver better outcomes for customers, and we want to help brokers deliver great outcomes for their customers."