Major franchise to take on 150 new brokers

by Mackenzie McCarty09 Oct 2013

In the wake of what the company’s executive director is calling an ‘extremely strong’ marketplace, Aussie Home Loans has launched a national recruitment drive in an effort to swell its broker numbers.

“Over the next 12 months, we’re looking at taking on 150 to 200 new mortgage brokers. That’s nationally and that’s new to industry brokers and that’s also existing brokers,” executive director, James Symond, tells Australian Broker.

Symond believes the nation’s property market – and the mortgage industry in particular – has nowhere to go but up in the foreseeable and says the company’s decision to up its representation in the marketplace is a reflection of this.

“We currently have between 700-800 mortgage brokers and 150 stores…The business is extremely buoyant. We’re in a marketplace where the wind is at our backs and a marketplace which is extremely strong, in particular in our segment of the market around Australia,” he says.

“To be perfectly honest, we see it staying extremely strong for quite some time and we’re looking to make sure that we meet the needs of the customers and are servicing all our customers appropriately.

The fact that Aussie lodged its highest monthly home loan volume on record - at $1.6 billion last month, up 23% on the same month last year – has also no doubt played a part in the group’s decision to swell its broker numbers.

The company’s total loan portfolio rose from $43.2b to $47.3b during the financial year ended June 30, 2013 and Symond expects this figure to break through $50b in the current financial year.

“We are experiencing record growth and are keen to lift the numbers of our mortgage brokers nationally to meet demand in a buoyant property and lending market,” says Symond.


  • by BONED 9/10/2013 9:42:32 AM

    Great! Just what this industry needs! More former call centre employees who have seen the light and become Brokers, as if we don't have enough perception issues to deal with already due to Aussies previous recruiting models.

  • by Gary Simmons 9/10/2013 10:00:23 AM

    Great John - all very positive news and certainly encouraging for us independent brokers. Most of us have years of experience in finance & banking, so I would hope you keep your recruiting standards high and not hire "wanna be's" with no previous finance experience. Last thing the finance broking profession needs is more inexperienced amateurs creating havoc!

  • by Wilko 9/10/2013 10:15:15 AM

    Fair dinkum Boned! As if Aussie is to blame. There are now more than half a dozen aggregators and retail brokerage with new to industry models.

    The problem is not the model. The problem is the type of people brands settle for and given Aussie is in the top financial services brands when it comes to home loans, it would be a good thing that they see recruitment as vital.

    Nothing wrong with this news and it is good for our industry.