Major franchise trebles marketing spend to push growth

by Maya Breen22 Jul 2015
Yellow Brick Road is set to triple its marketing spend after a year focused on network expansion and product growth.
The increased expenditure with YBR’s shareholder Nine Entertainment Company will mean trebling spend across television and digital channels including a new season of Celebrity Apprentice Australia. With the added value of the program content, the marketing impact is equivalent to $20 million.
“When we started Yellow Brick Road, our intention has always been to take on the major players in the financial services industry. Over the past year we’ve grown our scale with the acquisition of two companies Vow and RESI. By rebranding RESI, we’ve boosted our physical branch numbers by almost 20 locations and been bolstering our product capabilities,” YBR executive chairman Mark Bouris said.
“Now with a deep footprint of neighbourhood based branches across every state and territory, the brand is well recognised and our competitive products and services rival any financial institution. With these factors in place, we are ready to push on the accelerator and take new territory from the big banks. To achieve this we are tripling our marketing spend and putting some real marketing firepower behind the brand,” he said.  
Bouris will return to Celebrity Apprentice Australia as part of the spend but the show will include the business as a more integral part of the show than in the past.
“Celebrity Apprentice has always been great for business and driving growth,” says Bouris. “This year Yellow Brick Road will play a bigger role in the program. The impact will put us as a business in the national spotlight with a significantly bigger media spend supporting the program.”
“Throughout the season our hard working branch owners will play a role in different episodes alongside the celebrities.“



  • by Marco 22/07/2015 4:29:35 PM

    "marketing impact" of 20 million...? YBR will need it as the brand is still irrelevant. Bring back Wizard!

  • by Papery 22/07/2015 5:50:05 PM

    A bunch of C & D list 'Celebrities'.... all un interesting & uninspiring.
    I'll be watching Survivor or maybe even the new series of the Batchelor..... or I can watch anything on Netflix with no adds!!

  • by Peter 23/07/2015 12:48:05 PM

    You want what? Wannabe celebrities to market your brand and your products? Really? .....surely the commissions you take from your brokers to finance this "marketing" is worth more than that! ....surely!