Major's new face of third party relations reveals plans going forward

by Mackenzie McCarty,Robin Christie11 Jun 2013

ANZ’s new head of third party relationship channels, Keiran Evans, says he plans to make few major strategic changes when it comes to the lender’s service proposition for brokers – but says he will be taking a closer look at certain areas.

“Our overarching strategy remains unchanged; it’s responding to the needs of the industry… There’s still work to be done and certainly, me being in this role for three months, I have brought some fresh eyes to the proposition and there are some areas I would like to see us continue to improve on. But, having said that, I think over the past 12 months we’re particularly pleased with our efforts in turnaround times,” Evans tells Australian Broker sister publication, MPA.

“Buying a house is an extremely emotional and important financial commitment from customers and having consistent turnaround times is really important for the customers, for the brokers and for ANZ to be able to deliver. We’ve maintained our standards throughout the year, despite peaks and troughs in market conditions - and we’re really pleased that we maintain consistent standards.”

We’ve also launched a number of initiatives to give brokers greater support. We recently upgraded our website so we’ve got a new look and feel to make it easier for brokers to navigate through the site and find out information. We’re now emailing our credit decisions, making it more convenient and timely for brokers to receive information.”

Evans says ANZ is targeting several areas, particularly their online service, when it comes to contributing to the professional development of brokers.

“We’re currently looking at what we can do to further enhance our PD calendar of events, certainly improving our online presence for brokers with better accessibility and functionality and clearer, simpler communications. The other thing I want to do, particularly being new in the role, is work closely with brokers on what’s affecting them and what we can do to assist them.”

Evans says he’s particularly proud of the major bank’s BDM network and that brokers should feel comfortable offering feedback.

“The high-quality support that we give to brokers from our BDMs; I mean, I view our BDMs as a real strength in the marketplace. They’re knowledgeable, they’re experienced and they’re service-driven.” 

However, while he believes ANZ’s BDMs are an ‘outstanding conduit’ for dealing with brokers and helping to resolve issues, there are other ways for brokers to offer feedback if they feel the issues are more wide-reaching.

“When there are issues that the brokers are seeing as being more systemic, they should feel free to raise that with our state managers in each state. All of the details are on the website. By all means, when I’m travelling around, I certainly do ask for feedback from the brokers when I’m visiting with them.”


  • by Rastafarian 11/06/2013 10:00:00 AM

    ANZ needs to get over the whole fax of updates,. . . guys email has been around for a while, . . give up on the faxes.

  • by Country Broker 11/06/2013 10:03:30 AM

    Being in a regional area I need to use the ANZ on a consistent basis. Their service is improving , however their assessment staff in particular those based off shore have no idea of how to deal with a complex transaction , especially in analysing complex financials for self employed clients .

    They also need to look at a 95% genuine savings LVR for a non bank client their proposition is too narrow .

    I met Kieran at the MFAA conference and he is very sincere in his desire to improve the broker service channel.

  • by Jodie 11/06/2013 11:34:47 AM

    Maybe be a bit more flexible to the genuine saving policy like CBA & Westpac where the clients renting through a property manager or estate agent don't have to show 5% savings over 3 months if they can show a clean rental history for 12 months and borrow 95% plus LMI.