MFAA announces $1m consumer marketing campaign

by Adam Smith07 May 2015
The MFAA has announced the approval of a $1m consumer-focused marketing campaign.

Speaking at the MFAA National Convention in Melbourne, MFAA chief executive Siobhan Hayden said the association’s board had approved a $1m spend for a consumer focused marketing campaign.

“Going around the country and talking to brokers, they were very clear about the importance of consumers being educated about the professionalism of brokers. Based on that feedback, I went through the budget and have gone to the board with the request of $1m for a consumer awareness campaign,” Hayden told Australian Broker. 

Hayden said the look and feel of the campaign and its execution was yet to be decided, but said initiatives such as a financial literacy campaign and research on broker professionalism and experience would underpin the campaign.

“We need to go to the market now with that $1m over the next 18 months to decide what we will deploy, but it’s very exciting,” Hayden said.


  • by Mortgageguy 7/05/2015 2:12:24 PM

    If the MFAA is truly going to advertise the use of Brokers, then I would consider paying an increase in the MFAA fees to assist with the marketing.

  • by Regional 7/05/2015 2:13:42 PM

    Curious as to how much of this will be spent in regional Victoria? Yet to see any MFAA advertising in my area after being a full member for 12 years...

  • by Clarke Kent 7/05/2015 2:14:55 PM

    How about we stick one back on ASIC!