MFAA begins search for new CEO

by Julia Corderoy08 Aug 2016

The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) has appointed recruitment agency De Jager Executive Search as it officially begins its search for a new CEO, following Siobhan Hayden’s resignation in June.

According to a statement from the MFAA, several firms were assessed and the board decided that De Jager was the best placed to meet the association’s needs.

Applications are now open to MFAA employees, members and external candidates. De Jager will review all applications and provide a short list to the board for evaluation. Once the short list has been created, the board will initiate a comprehensive interview process.

“We’re committed to investing time and careful consideration into this appointment, to ensure we identify the right person for the job,” said MFAA Chairman Cynthia Grisbrook.

“The timing of this appointment does not affect the solid relationship that the MFAA has with ASIC, particularly with relation to the broker remuneration review. Brokers can be assured that a close involvement with ASIC as part of this review remains a top priority for the MFAA.”


  • by Really? 8/08/2016 12:05:29 PM

    Will we ever get an explanation on what the 'disagreement of direction' was between the outgoing CEO & the board?
    What were the differing views? As a member, I've received nothing to define the views of either party. Was the outgoing CEO not agreeing with the major banks enough?

  • by James 20/11/2016 12:10:32 PM

    well, just when you thought it was bad, it got worse, the MFAA has run up the white flag and appointed a noone , who says his first job is to LEARN about the issues - couldnt they get someone who KNOWS them already?? and he has a pretend MBA from an on line university from scotland! is this a cruel joke for us brokers? so many real threats righht now and they get a real duffer to be our public person! i am not rejoining this outfit!

  • by jessicapatel123 7/01/2017 8:30:16 PM

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