MFAA joins forces with AFA women's initiative

by Mackenzie McCarty28 Mar 2013

In the wake of an announcement by the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA), saying the organisation plans to launch an initiative aimed at providing a support network for women across the ‘full spectrum’ of the financial services industry, the MFAA says it’s keen to join in.

Brad Fox, AFA CEO, says the move targets women in all facets of financial services, not just financial planners and MFAA CEO, Phil Naylor, says the association has suggested to AFA that there might be ‘mutual networking benefits’ in the two associations running certain events together.

MFAA head of marketing and communications, Kriti Colless, says the MFAA’s Women in Mortgage Broking Network (WIMBN), which holds social and educational seminars nationally every quarter, has received feedback showing female brokers would appreciate networking opportunities within the wider financial services community.

“Topics [at the events] range from marketing workshops for business owners, panels featuring inspiring women and high-performing brokers like Wendy Higgins. We…also provide webinars annually to a broader cross section of our membership.”

However, MFAA members have indicated that they want to hear from female leaders from other industries too, she adds.

She says the events to be held in conjunction with the AFA will offer increased networking, exchange of ideas and experiences to both memberships within the financial service sector.

Female brokers represent a growing segment of the broking industry, with women accounting for around 35-45% of new entrants.