MFAA partners with mortgage app to streamline broker workflow

by Julia Corderoy20 May 2015
The MFAA has announced a new partnership with a technology service provider to provide brokers with a solution for document collection and streamlined workflow, all from their own handheld device.

The association has partnered with EasyDocs Mortgage, an app designed to manage the compliance process between the borrower, the broker and the lender via the smartphone channel. 

The app will utilise software that helps the broker coordinate the collection, filing and packaging of client supporting documentation. It then aligns this with the selected lender requirements, to ensure an effective and streamlined compliance process. 

EasyDocs Mortgage is designed to recognise the requirements of different lenders so it can advise on the client documents required to progress the loan to the next stage, then alert the broker to any gaps in the checklist.

MFAA CEO Siobhan Hayden says the app will assist time poor brokers to capture, store and manage supporting docs efficiently.

“Our focus is on identifying solutions that deliver continued growth and efficiency for a broker business. The MFAA’s new EasyDocs Mortgage app has many time-saving and savvy functions that can reduce loan processing time.”

The app is targeted for release in the new financial year but all brokers in the industry can apply for a one month free trial by registering on the EasyDocs Mortgage website.

According to the MFAA and EasyDocs Mortgage, the product received healthy scrutiny from MFAA members at the 2015 National Convention in Melbourne earlier this month.

“We are optimistic about the feedback from MFAA members, who delivered both praise and real broker advice on changes required to suit their daily operations,” said EasyDocs CEO Chris Wrightson.

“Based on this feedback, we are currently adjusting the operational software so that it is customised to suit any broker situation immediately on release.”

EasyDocs Mortgage was produced by Finance IT Solutions, a Company of Lakeba Group.