MFAA urges brokers to update business plans

by AB22 Aug 2016
The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) is urging mortgage brokers to update or implement their two-year business plans ahead of the release of the next broker benchmarking report.

The second edition of the Industry Intelligence Report, set to be released in the coming weeks, will reveal the industry data on broker benchmarks and performance. The MFAA says the data can be used by brokers to better plan their business growth.

“We have offered an exclusive service only available to MFAA members with free marketing consults that have been taken up by hundreds and hundreds of broker businesses. One of the key factors missing in these discussions has been a formalised business plan to help guide decisions,” an MFAA spokesperson said.

The MFAA said it is already currently running sessions for new-to-industry and existing members, offering a free business plan template.

“We were first with free website content, free marketing consults for members, $99 digital loan calculators, industry data, and young professional reports and now an up to date digital business planner. We will continue to offer real value to our members,” the MFAA spokesperson said.