Mortgage Choice formally transfers CEO responsibilities

by Julia Corderoy24 Apr 2015
One of Australia’s largest franchises, Mortgage Choice, has officially transferred the company’s chief executive officer responsibilities to John Flavell. 

In December last year, the Board announced that Flavell would work alongside outgoing CEO, Michael Russell, in a transition phase from 7 April 2015.

Two weeks after joining the company, Mortgage Choice chairman Peter Ritchie says Flavell is ready to hit the ground running.

“We are delighted to officially transfer Mortgage Choice’s CEO responsibilities over to John Flavell. With his broad financial services experience incorporating lending, broking, third party distribution and wealth management, John is not only ready but ideally placed to lead Mortgage Choice to continued success,” he said.

“The Board is confident that John’s experience developing and managing businesses and people combined with his eagerness to take Mortgage Choice to the next level, will help the company to deliver a strong performance across its existing operations as well as its emerging businesses.

“Mortgage Choice’s new financial planning arm will remain a key focus for the business and the Board are confident that John can help the company grow its footprint in this space as it continues its successful diversification into a fully-fledged financial services powerhouse.”

Flavell says the period working alongside Michael Russell was very valuable and he looks forward to the next chapter.

“Since joining Mortgage Choice in April, I have learnt a lot about the business, the way it runs and its plans for the future. Having worked alongside Michael Russell as part of a transition phase, I am now looking forward to taking the reins and making sure the company continues to go from strength to strength.

“For the last 23 years, Mortgage Choice has delivered an incredibly valuable home loan service to hundreds of thousands of Australian families.

“And today, with the introduction of financial planning, the group is able to offer a broader range of financial services to all Australians.

“I cannot think of any other group in the industry that is as professional or dedicated to delivering value to their customers and I look forward to accelerating the business in 2015 and beyond.”