Mortgage franchise officially launches financial planning service

by Julia Corderoy09 Sep 2014
One of Australia’s largest franchises, Mortgage Choice, has officially marked its plunge into financial planning with the launch of a new advertising campaign.

Chief executive, Michael Russell said he hopes the new ‘Happy As’ campaign will cement Mortgage Choice as a fully-fledged financial services player, offering more than just home loans.

“Today we have 33 financial advisers on board nationally and that number is growing all the time. As such, we believe the time is right to highlight to both our existing customers and potential prospects that we are now a holistic financial services player that can help them with all of their financial needs,” he said.

The four-part advertising series will still retain a home loan focus, as home lending will always be an integral part of the business, however it will mark the official launch of its financial planning service and how it will fit in to its existing suite of services.

“The new campaign allows us to not only celebrate our services, but how those services can help our customers create rich lives and achieve happiness. We believe the services we provide at Mortgage Choice allow our customers to achieve their financial goals and therefore feel ‘Happy As’,” Russell said.

Russell said the campaign comes at a good time, and he is hoping to capitalise on the positive market conditions.

“With the mortgage market booming, we are determined to capitalise on some of that positive momentum. Further, we are keen to showcase our full range of services and help more Australians live the life they want,” he said.