Mutual lender cuts rates by up to 34bps

by Julia Corderoy22 Apr 2015
CUA has cut interest rates across its entire suite of fixed home loans for the second time this year.

The mutual lender’s three-year and five-year fixed rates have both been cut by 34bps. The three-year fixed rate now has the lowest rate of CUA's fixed home loan products, with a new rate of 4.25%. The 5-year fixed rate has been reduced to 4.55%.

All other fixed rate home loans have been dropped by 20bps. The one-year fixed rate has been dropped to 4.29% and the two-year fixed rate has been dropped to 4.39%. 

CUA’s range of premium fixed rate loans have also been reduced by 20bps, starting from 4.44% for the one-year premium fixed rate. 

Since the start of 2015, the mutual lender’s one-year fixed rate has fallen 0.60%, while the one-year premium fixed rate has fallen by a combined 0.55%.

The new rates will apply to new loans which are 'fully approved' on or after 21 April 2015.