NAB cuts fixed rate below 4%

by AB31 May 2016
NAB Broker has announced rate decreases of up to 30 basis points across its suite of fixed rate loan products.

Effective Monday 30 May, NAB has reduced its three-year fixed rate on a principal and interest Homeplus Owner Occupied Home Loan fixed rate by 0.25% to 3.99%.

The lender has also trimmed its two-year owner occupied interest-only fixed rate by 0.30% to 3.99% and its four-year interest-only fixed rate to 4.09%. 

Across the Homeplus Investment Home Loan suite, the two-year fixed rate has been reduced by 0.30% on both principal and interest and interest-only home loans, to 4.04% and 4.14% respectively.

The three-year investment fixed rates have been cut 0.25% to 4.14% and 4.24% for principal and interest and interest-only loans respectively.

NAB Broker also trimmed its one-year fixed rate on its Homeplus Investment Home Loan by 0.08% to 4.46%.